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Fusion Bond Epoxy

One coating solving five common problems

Fusion bond epoxy is designed to solve five common problems that burred water lines often see with a single coating. Firstly many applications of fusion bond are chosen for potable water applications. With most colors meeting both ANSI and NSF requirements, fusion bond is a great system for internal pipe coatings. Secondly these pipes are often roughly handled prior to and during burial. Often during back-fill, existing ungraded soil is used. This may have a high level of rocks which can abrade pipe coatings. Fusion bond is a high build material, which means there is more of it to abrade before failure. Thirdly the soil that pipes are in can have various electrical and chemical properties. With excellent electrical insulation and resistance to acids and bases that exceeds that common to soil, Fusion Bond Epoxy protects your pipes and is unlikely to contaminate the surrounding air, water and soil. Fourthly, concrete is a corrosive, abrasive, and common construction material used in these jobs. Used as kick blocks, anchors and walls which these pipes will penetrate. Concrete can be a major problem for long term buried pipes. Fusion bond epoxy can stand up to the corrosive and abrasive nature of concrete and is often used as a coating for rebar, and other steel structures which are buried in concrete. Finally these jobs always seem to run over budget. Using the same single coat coating on both the inside and outside of your pipes, reduces the number of steps in the manufacturing, which reduces labor. Also due to multiple vendors in the market, the raw materials are among the cheapest coatings in the performance market. With all this going for it, you may start to think this is the perfect coating. It has a couple disadvantages. All epoxies are vulnerable to UV exposure. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Color choice is limited. (The green is particularly ugly.)

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